Quick Critique: Dolce Vita Palette (Take 2!)

So I spent an hour planning, writing and editing this post the other day. Then WordPress managed to delete all but a picture. Ragin'! Anyway, here we go again... This little quad of shadows had been on my wishlist for quite some time but I had no real intention of buying it. Enter kind and [...]

5 Do’s and Don’ts: Miscellaneous

I have had several requests to do another post for my 'Do's and Don'ts' series and I couldn't decide which "topic" to focus on! So, I have written a mixture! Hope you enjoy and find something useful! The Don'ts 👎 #1 Do NOT take everything you see on Instagram and YouTube as gospel. Don't feel [...]

It Really Works!

A while back I posted on my Instagram that I thought I had found a combination of foundations and setting powders that actually lasted on my oily skin. I've always had oily skin but over the last year my hooter, in particular, has thrown all caution to the wind and just seems to produce enough [...]

Quick Critique: E.L.F Lip Exfoliator

E.L.F cosmetics recently launched a stand in my local Superdrug. Yes American readers, we know that's a ridiculous name! I was delighted at the prospect of trying a few products as I had never bothered ordering from their website. Sometimes I just like to see and feel the product for myself. This was one item [...]

Quick Critique: Maybelline ‘The Big Shot’ Mascara

I would venture a guess that even if you aren't all that into your make up you wouldn't be too opposed to making the most of your peepers. I know so many people who skip the whole foundation routine altogether, big up their lashes, slick a lippy on and look fabulous. I wish I could [...]

Mineral Foundation

You may remember that for the month of August, I pledged to wear only mineral foundation. I love liquid foundation that gives me full but fast coverage. I always have. However, the wonder that is Jennifer Rock (aka The Skin Nerd and creator of the Cleanse Off Mitt), is a huge advocate for mineral make [...]

Love In The Detail

A while back I asked for some advice on a new hobby...hand-painted pallet signs. Thank you to those of you who messaged me with advice and suggestions. It was much appreciated! I love to have a creative project on the go and whilst I'll always love my make up and skincare, I have to say...I [...]

5 Do’s and Don’ts: Powders

So we've covered foundation and the eyes (by the way, any other questions do ask, I love hearing from you!) and I wanted to cover contour, highlight and blush under the umbrella of powders. As an oily skinned gal, (I haven't mentioned that before, have I?) I don't use cream contouring and highlighting cosmetics. They [...]

Seemingly Insignificant

With the popularity of the Beauty Blender and various lines of brushes- Morphe, Zoeva, Real Techniques and Sigma, to name a few, there certain tools and random items that I, personally, couldn't do without as part of my little make up family. Such as... 1. Pencil sharpener- a good one. Not one you would have [...]

Ten Items on my Wish List

We're all well aware that cosmetic and skin care brands are constantly trying to catch our attention and take our dosh with fancy advertising campaigns, celebrity endorsements and snazzy editorial shoots.  The easily swayed among us, myself included, find it challenging to resist. A habit that I've got myself into is heading on to Cult [...]

Anxious Much?

Lately, my Facebook and Instagram feeds have been crammed with video snippets, images and links to various articles on mental health. I've also been having discussions with others on their stories and even read blog posts on the same topic. I've felt their pain but marvelled at their strength and bravery to share their experience. [...]

You Shouldn’t Wear Make Up

It seems to me that there are three​ attitudes to make up... Obsessed, love it, own everything, can't live without it. (That's me) Like it, own some but can do without it. Couldn't care less, never wear it. No matter what your view, there's a general consensus, from the majority, that you should just do you. [...]

Cleanse Off Mitt…The Review

I've previously written about the importance of using your cleanser to actually cleanse the skin, and ideally pre-cleansing in some way to remove your make up, thus making your cleansing product last that wee bit longer.   Prior to discovering the benefits of a pre-cleanse for my skin, I used my beloved Cleanse and Polish from [...]

Quick Critique: Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

I didn't own any products from Kiko and hadn't stepped foot inside the store in Belfast until very recently. I'm still testing the other products I purchased but this one, I wanted to report back on now. I love shadow sticks. They're quick and easy, provide a great base for other shadows but are equally [...]

MUR versus Kat Von D

Make up junkies, enthusiasts and novices alike...gather round, if you please. We're always hearing of supposed dupes of high end cosmetics and seeing videos and Pinterest posts comparing the two. Well, there's one brand that seems to be the Queen of the dupes. This company both impresses me and infuriates me. They seem, in terms [...]

HD Brows With LKS Make-Up

I have never won a thing in my life. Ever. As a former pupil of Kings Park Primary and therefore an annual participant in the Park Show (paintings, handwriting and miniature gardens, whoop whoop!) I only ever received commendeds, highly commendeds or, if I was lucky, very highly commendeds. Never a medal nor a certificate [...]

Urban Decay De-Slick Primer…The Review

Name: Julie 'No Name' Hynds Age: Clinging on to my twenties Skin Type: Oil slick! I'm told oily skin ages better. That's good, if people are being truthful. I'm also told I'll never have laughter lines around my eyes because I don't smile enough. I'm ok with that also. Anyway, my oily skin is a pain [...]

Three Drugstore Products that Out Do High End 

You may have gathered from my blog thus far that I have an inclination towards pricier items. Not the priciest products in the world, but up there by comparison to Superdrug standards. P.S and by the way, this time last year, whilst holibobbing in Florida, I mentioned to an I-Drive operator that Superdrug was our [...]