Am I wise?

So…Umm..Hi! I’m Julie, about to enter my 29th year of life in a wee place called Northern Ireland.

Why am I starting a blog? In all honesty… my husband thought I should and I am yet to decide if it’s a good idea or just his way of stopping me discussing make up with him!

Yes, I do have a husband, Russell, who has stuck me for nearly 4 and a half years of marriage to date. We have one baby, his name is Oscar and he is our pride and joy. He makes us laugh and keeps us calm. He licks his Daddy a lot and insists on sitting on my knee in the car. I should probably make it plain at this point that Oscar is a Miniature Schnauzer. I say that but we believe he is part cat!

More on that another time…maybe!

Deep breaths and here we go!

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