Who is this yolk?

Julie ‘No Name’ Hynds, so called because my mother decided I didn’t need a middle name like the rest of the family.  My husband inserts the ‘No Name’ portion to make me feel better. My maiden name was Campbell and after 4 and a half years of marriage I finally don’t have to double check my signature to make sure I’ve signed the right name!FB_IMG_1485721067214


From Northern Ireland, which gets a bad rap but it’s all I know and I wouldn’t move, unless I’m needed to be a Disney Princess in Disneyland, Florida, of course. It rains here (a lot) but this rewards us with lucious greenery and stunning views.IMAG1036FB_IMG_1464515360822


My actual job, well, I won’t talk about that on here, for a number of reasons…

1. It could well bore you to tears.

2. I couldn’t tell you much anyway.

3. It would release the ranting side of my personality which, in all honesty, is not the intent of this “blog”.

My loves revolve around make up, clothes, shoes, bit of baking and whatever else takes my fancy and amuses me for a bit. You should expect to find a fair mix of this sort of nonsense here.

I’m not a make up artist, I have never trained to be a make up artist, I’m probably not even very good at doing my own make up but the collection is growing and I know what I like.

The same can be said for clothing. I’ve never been one to dress in accordance with what is considered “fashionable”, whatever that means. That might make my “style” boring but I’m ok with that!

I am my own biggest critic. That sometimes causes what can only be described as mini melt downs, we all have them, but mine are usually my own fault. There’s a way to do everything and I like to get it right the first time. This is completely unrealistic, I know, but it makes me me and drives me to be just that wee bit better and push that wee bit harder.

My baby, who I am obsessed with and have no shame for that by the way, is Oscar. Oscar is a Miniature Schnauzer, he is nearly 2 and is my first dog. We weren’t allowed a dog growing up as Dad said we couldn’t cope if something happened to it. Really what he meant was ” Your mother holds funerals for the goldfish so dear only knows what she’d do for a dog.” I suppose I kinda get where he was coming from. Oscar is my first baby, he is part of our wee family. If I think of him not being around I well up. When we left him for the first time to go on holiday, I cried like a mother giving up her child. I talk to him more than I talk to my husband. I sing to him, I dance with him, we snuggle. He is my wee son. If something happens to him…Well, let’s not go there. You know what though…I wouldn’t not have him because some day he won’t be here. Every dog should be loved that much. They are simple. All they want is a walk and your love. If only people were as straightforward!

The word “wee”, which finds itself in my blog name, is a frequently used term where I’m from. It means small but is used in many contexts…

Thon wee man was looking for you.

Put your wee card into the wee machine.

Give me a wee minute.

Give that a wee read.

Write your wee phone number there.

Give it a wee try.

Etc etc etc.

Current thoughts

What am I doing?

Who on earth will read what I have to say?

I’m hungry.

I’ve missed EastEnders.


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