Take 2…or 22.

So I wrote two blog posts a couple of months ago, was about to “go live”, or whatever, and then chickened out…several times over. Yet, here I am again with so much more that I want to say because of so many things that have happened. 

Although, if I did say what I really want to say, well, this would turn into the rants of a woman (am I now a woman or am I still socially accepted as a “girl”?) in her 30th year who has been severely hacked off by several people and who doesn’t want to be the world’s biggest doormat anymore!
So, rather than venting and causing offense to people who deserve it, and yes, they bleedin’ well do deserve it, I’m revisiting this blog thingy. If anyone is actually reading this it means that “take 23” was successful in providing a suitable distraction, and potential soother, for that compartment in my brain that won’t let me sleep at night. Here’s hoping!

Current thoughts…

  • Desperate Housewives ❤
  • Oscar’s pacing is a little creepy when you’re lying in bed, in the dark.
  • My nose is whistling. 
  • Chocolate.
  • Doughnuts.

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