Nighty Night

I own a lot of skin care products because, let’s face it, we’re all looking for miracles. Every so often I come across some items that are so horrible I wonder who on earth has the gaul to produce this crap but then, as in life, with the bad comes the good. Visa vee, the following. (Pics from my own Snapchat jhynds30)
Now, I don’t know about you but I love my make up. I love taking my time and playing about and trying to use my limited application skills to make mon visage a little more presentable. You know what else I love? Getting it all off! My make up that is! Until recently I was stupid enough to use my “nice” cleansers to remove said mask of various overpriced cosmetics. No, no, no, no, NO!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen I have news for the uneducated among you (I included myself in that same category until recently), your cleanser’s job is to clean your skin, NOT remove your make up. This revelation does not, however, excuse the use of make up wipes! No!!! You have various options that negate the need for ownership of such atrocities;

  1. Micellar water- try and opt for one that has been formulated with your skin type in mind, I’m currently using L’Oréal- the blue one not the pink one.
  2. A cheaper foam/cream/oil based etc cleanser to get the job done.
  3. Double cleanse with your favourite cleanser.
  4. A cleansing mitt.

You see, a cleanser should form part of your skin care routine and that routine cannot start until products can actually come into contact with your make up free skin! Do you need to spend a fortune to find a decent cleanser? No, I don’t believe you do. What you must do is know your skin and experiment to find what works for you. My skin saviour for many years now has been Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish (dedicated post to follow) but currently, as a wee treat, I’ve been slathering my very appreciative visage with Emma Hardie’s Moringa Cleansing Balm.

I don’t advise you use this to double cleanse, i.e. to remove make up and then cleanse the skin, as firstly I’ve never felt it gets all of my make up off anyway and secondly, it’s just too darn expensive! Rather, remove mask of foundation and copious amounts of other cosmetics with something else (micellar water for me) and then take less than a 5 pence piece amount, warm between your paws, press into the skin and massage to your heart’s content. If you can get your hands on the accompanying double sided cloths I would highly recommend you do! Your skin will thank you!
What’s next? Well really, that’s up to you and what you like. Whilst I remove my cake face most religiously each evening, what follows my cleansing ritual varies as much with my mood as my skin needs.
Let’s take last night as an example. After feeling my face was squeaky clean and I’d had a full inspection for spots and blackheads, I concluded that my skin was…well…lacking. Lacking what I’m not sure but on nights such as this I turn to Kiehls.

I must admit, having oily skin I have avoided oils and oily serums like Oscar avoids baths and brushes. It never sat well with me, putting oil on oil. To me that conjured images of grease, grime, gunge and other such alliterative adjectives. That was until I tried Midnight Recovery for the first. Okay, yes, it’s pricey but seriously, a little goes such a long way and I use it more like a treatment than a nightly means of moisturising.
My skin will always give me bother, I’ve resigned myself to that fact at this stage of my life, but I find it a comfort to know that this is on the shelf for when my facial inspection yields negative results. It won’t dry up my spots or get rid of the acne scars of old but it does give life back to my skin when I’ve bombarded it with salicylic acid in the form of spot treatments. I feel like it brings a little balance back. That’s comforting too. Plus the name, Midnight Recovery, just sounds like something you need!

Now, you know they say prevention is better than cure? With this old sage in mind I have been using eye creams for a number of years now, in the hope that when the crows feet do appear they are not only when I’m a ripe old age but that said crevices will be both shallow and minimal. I also inherited from my beloved Granny the darkest pools of blackness under my eyes and from my dear Momma Bear an inability to get a decent night’s sleep. This means I need an eye cream that yes, is anti-aging but also brightening. The issue I’ve had with many an eye cream is concealer (which I need bucket loads of) doesn’t sit well on top. They are either too rich and creamy which broke down the concealer (Benefit -although I do still like to use this from time to time), too thin and watery that they did nothing (too many brands to name) or felt like they were attacking the paper thin skin around my eyes and causing what can only be described as rawness and redness under my eyeballs (Temple Spa – potential reaction to a particular ingredient in this one that I can’t quite put my finger one but the customer service couldn’t do enough when I contacted them so, fair play to them).

Enter Clinique.

Oh boy do I love this! It does what it says and my under eye camouflage sits beautifully on top. P.S. and by the way, don’t bother applying with thon wee ball at the end, it’s not comfortable.

Now, here comes the game changer. Allow me to ask you something; do you love liquid lipsticks? Do you slather your lips in various lippies before settling on one for the day? Do you pick loose skin from your lips or scrub at them with some sort of abrasive? Then you need this from the maker of the Eight Hour cream that no one seems to talk about anymore, Elizabeth Arden.

The snap speaks for itself. Forget about Chapstick, forget about EOS balms (biggest pointless craze in my opinion) and definitely shun the Vaseline… petroleum on your lips, really? Keep this on the bedside table, slap it on when you hop under the duvet and wake up the next morning with comforted, moisturised lips that, I kid yee not, still feel like they have product on them. You may thank me later. .

So, that was last night. Tonight will undoubtedly bring a different regime altogether and the next post of this nature-another collection of products again but such is the skin care lover’s life!

J.  x

P.S. Nails in my Snapchat photos are by Victoria’s Health and Beauty in Lurgan. Couldn’t sing her praises highly enough, so particular and her new salon is gorgeous! Check her out on Facebook

Do excuse my poorly shot photo!


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  • I wonder will I ever feel my house is properly clean?
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