Random Acts of Kindness

In the past I have been described as ‘overly sensitive’. Sometimes that trait caused petty arguments, or the famous huff but I’ve learned something valuable; to be sensitive towards others. I try to take note of little facial cues or if someone just doesn’t seem as chatty as they usually are. Sometimes I’ll buy them something small, to let them know I’ve noticed and I’m there if they need me.  Sometimes all it takes is a wee word in their ear, a card or a message late at night. 

Regardless of how I choose to act I like to think that these small things make some sort of difference, just for a moment. I also like to think that that person might, someday, do the same for someone else. I never find out if they do but I know I’ve done my bit. 

She knew what she was about.

This is all based on my analysis of how someone might be feeling when I see them or are chatting to them via text. It’s random to them but I do it hoping to make that person feel better or lift their mood. It’s not a really a random act of kindness because I haven’t just thought “Hey, I’m going to send ‘so and so’ a nice gift or an encouraging message, just because.” This leads me to the reason for this blog entry, which came in today’s post.

As an addict to online shopping from various retail outlets, I thought I had ordered something and forgotten about it, until I opened the envelope and saw a lovely note and a little gift.

In all honesty, I shed a little tear! This person didn’t know what mood I was in today and they certainly didn’t have to send this. There was nothing for them to gain but they did it anyway. Little did they know, I hadn’t been feeling great for a while and this just made my day. Something so simple and it made all the difference to my mood. 

That’s the point of random acts of kindness. It’s not really about sensitivity, and it’s certainly not about personal gain, it’s just about being, well, kind!

Just think, someone did this for me, I could do this for someone else and so the chain begins.  In a world where people seem to be out for themselves or to put others down, be kind…with random acts!

Thank you so much to Laura of What Laura Loves- BLOG for this random act of kindness, which I fully intend to pass on. A lovely lady with a good heart and amazing skills in the make up department!

I’m not the best model, nor am I photogenic but I have never had so many compliments on my make up as I did when Laura tackled mon visage!

J. x

Current thoughts

  • Pass it forward.
  • Make a summer bucket list.
  • I fancy a cinnamon swirl.

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