Make Up Trends: Can we get over these already?

I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the influence of Instagram make up on the teenie bopper generation and the idea that you must wear a full face of slap if you’re sitting in your pyjamas and binge watching Netflix. I admit, there was a time that I would have applied my make up in my usual, simple style even if I knew I wasn’t going to step foot outside the house. I wouldn’t have opened the door to the postman without my face on. Now…well let’s just say I’ve a bit more sense!

Of course, I enjoy keeping an eye on current trends and how some techniques and looks filter down from the catwalk into our own routines. Every so often though, there are trends that are here for a season and then are forgotten about. Never to be repeated again. In my mind, these trends, if followed, are the ones we would look back on and ask ourselves ‘What was I thinking?’ Has a sleek winged eyeliner and a precise red lip ever gone out of fashion??? No, because it’s considered timeless and, therefore, classic.  

For example, these monstrosities will surely be regretted by the eejits, sheep, “fashionistas’ that presently deem them acceptable…

I believe these are called sliders. Slide on!

Seriously? Paying good money to have fabric missing?!

Oh the sweat, the humidity…the humiliation!

Whilst I’ve never witnessed this trend in person, I know it goes on. Shameful and, may I say, impractical.

Need I go on? 

So, are we over these make up trends yet?

Full Glam on the Daily

Don’t get me wrong, I know the above is STUNNING! I may be questioning the purpose of this on a day to day basis, but I’m not blind! This is gorgeous and in all honesty, I wish I could pull this off myself. My issue is: so much make up, day in and day out…why is it necessary? What do these people do to differentiate their look when they have a special event to attend? What do they reach for when they’re in a rush or if they’ve slept in? At what time must one arise from one’s pit to achieve this before going about one’s day? To me, if you wear this amount of face on a daily basis you’ll always feel you need it and, by extension, feel naked without it! That can’t be good, right?


I love a fake lash. Well, I love a fluttery, flattering, realistic fake lash but I wear them so rarely by comparison to the Instagram crew. If I am going to a wedding or out for a special dinner I’ll attempt to wrestle with a pair and then curse them for ruining my eyeliner. If I’ve spent a long time putting a special look together I think a tasteful pair of lashes polishes the overall effect. However, there’s now a misconception that every look is incomplete without a pair. So there ‘they’ are, watching whatever they watch, in their sweats, fanning the rest of the room with their huge, plasticky, Primark (because they can’t afford anything pricier as they go through a pair a day) Bambi lashes because they had to complete their make up? Why?? And again, who has the time?

Glossy Eyes

Here’s a catwalk trend that, no doubt, looked fabulous with the couture of the catwalk or in some editorial piece for Vogue or the likes, but that’s just it. It doesn’t have a  practical, real life application. Heading to Tescos with this on suggests greasy eyelids.  Greasy anything, to me, suggests germs, uncleanliness and tack. Eww! No!


Contouring, I think, is here to stay. It slims and shapes the face and suggests structure. We like that, we want that, we’ve come to need that in our lives. Similarly, a subtle highlight, swept across the top of the cheekbones to add lift and light, will also stick around for the foreseeable. Strobing; the “art” of highlighting the crap out of one’s complexion, I don’t think so! Healthy glow? Yes. Shining beacon? No. I think the phrase “Less is more” may be apt in this instance.

Faux Freckles

You’ve either got them or you don’t people! Adding them with a brown eyeliner and blurring them slightly with your digit does not make a naturally clear complexion appear  convincingly freckled. No, you look like you’ve designed a dot to dot and forgotten to complete the picture. Plus, and maybe this is just mine, but my freckles don’t actually smear across my face if I forget they’re there and rub my visage. Just stop it! 

Unicorn Everything 

I must admit one thing though. Those brushes look pretty snazzy.

As a child I was never into unicorns. As an adult, even less so. Therefore, why would I wish to look like one? Or attempt to have an ethereal, unicorn tinged glow? 

Isn’t a highlight supposed to be something along the lines of smoke and mirrors? Or did I miss the memo about making it stand out like old Bertha on my chin here, loud and proud? Lavender or pink? No. Champagne or subtle gold tones? Yes. 

What do you think of these trends? 

Are there any others you think it’s time we left behind?

What looks do you consider timeless and classic?

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

J x

Current Thoughts

  • Quiche makes me gag.
  • Gagging.
  • Snuggles

2 thoughts on “Make Up Trends: Can we get over these already?

  1. lauzieslifestyle says:

    I agree with everything, other than the ripped jeans – providing that the gaps are not too large like the one’s in your photo.
    I wish people could go back to using makeup to enhance their face. On Instagram, the trend seems to be how to use makeup to change it, with the biggest transformations being the best. I don’t like the overuse of highlight or the overly drawn out eyeliner wings. In addition, I wish makeup could be more unique, without everyone recreating the exact same look.
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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