Three Drugstore Products that Out Do High End 

You may have gathered from my blog thus far that I have an inclination towards pricier items. Not the priciest products in the world, but up there by comparison to Superdrug standards. P.S and by the way, this time last year, whilst holibobbing in Florida, I mentioned to an I-Drive operator that Superdrug was our CVS. She found the name hilarious! Now that I think about it…what a stupid name for a shop!

Anyway, I do own many a product from said store and many more from Boots. They’re perfectly fine and you canny beat the price lads BUT nine times out of ten I still find myself reaching for the Lancome and the Estée Lauder. These products tend to last longer and perform better for me. Plus, the snob in me, feels better wearing them. Pathetic I know, but there you go.

HOWEVER, every so often I come across, either completely by accident or on a recommendation, some little gems that I can no longer be without. These products outperform some of their fancy, labelly counterparts! What?!? Surely not?! 

Now, please note that I am not comparing these products as dupes of one another (hate that term too!) Rather, I’m saying I use these drugstore items way more than some of the pricier products I own. I’m not comparing textures, formulas and shades so if that’s what you’re looking for, you ain’t finding it here! Search the YouTube instead.

Allow me to introduce you to…

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

If you haven’t already heard the hype around this wee beauty, where have you been??? £4.19 from Superdrug, transfer and water resistant, claims to have 16 hour wear (debatable) and comes in 4 shades. I don’t know how many of these I have purchased over the years. I keep one in my make up drawer and another in my bag. Fabulous under the eyes to conceal the bags, the discolouration and the tiredness but can also be confidently applied to blemishes and used to add coverage to sheerer foundations, if/where you need it. More often than not, a liquid concealer is not such an all rounder and acne sufferers, such as myself, will need something creamier and in compact form to cover those facial friends. This does it all! Coverage is exceptional, price can’t be beaten and this, in my opinion, outperforms higher end concealers for these reasons alone! 

Granted, shade selection isn’t wonderful but for the price…mix and match to find your perfect shade! I reach for this all the time and it never lets me down, unlike the ridiculously hyped up ‘Bye Bye Undereye‘ from IT Cosmetics which just did not agree with me at all. This is £22.50 and still only comes in 4 shades and is not worth a penny of it! 

Drugstore 1: High End 0

NYX Slide On Lip Liner

I have only really ventured into the lipliner, lipstick and liquid lips world in the past year or so. Before then, I was strictly a gloss girl and didn’t go for anything with too much pigment or opacity. What a difference a year makes! I’ve gone lips mad and have tried so many products in such a short space of time, but I’m on my third, yes THIRD, one of these liners.

The only shade I own is Nude Suede Shoes and it is, without doubt, the only mid-tone nude you will ever need! It is so buttery soft, glides on like a dream, provides a fabulous base for topper type products, lasts superbly, stays true to colour, can be worn alone and costs £6! This quickly became my go to liner and provides an outline and/or base for most of my nude lip products. I just love it!

Again, one stays in the lippy drawer and another stays in my handbag. You know it’s good if you own multiples! 

What do I prefer this to? I’m going to be crucified here…

…Mac’s liner in Subculture. I can hear the gasps of desbelieving horror around the world. I’m limiting my comparison to this single shade for two reasons…

  1. It’s the only liner from Mac that I own.
  2. It has put me off trying others!

Please do let me know if you think I’ve bought a dud, dried out, ‘we’ve had this one in our glossy black stock drawers for years’, ‘you’ve picked the worst of an otherwise outstanding bunch’ one because I genuinely hope that’s the case! This, for me, is scratchy, hard, drags and pulls the lip and needs somewhat of a windsweeper type motion to build up colour. It’s drying, I can’t wear it alone, it doesn’t look good as an all over base and it costs £13!

Drugstore 2: High End 0

Rimmel Exaggerate Liner 

I tend to stick to black and brown eyeliner and rarely venture into the realms of teals and plums.  You’ll rarely see me without liner in my waterline- my make up just feels incomplete without it. It looks like my eyes recede further into my head and they are the one feature of mon visage that I usually play up. As such, I’ve tried many a “waterproof” liner that just never lived up to said claim and either washed away within an hour or travelled beneath the lash line causing the dreaded “panda eye”!

Not with this one though-  twist up, cheap as chips (£3.99) and lasts amazingly well! It’s not the richest black but it is buildable and it more than does the job. I really don’t know why I keep trying others in the hope they’ll be blacker, last longer and be reasonably priced. They never are, they never do and are usually three or four times the price! Such as BareMinerals Lasting Line (yea, right!) twist up liner at £16 a pop! Scandalous!

Drugstore 3: High End 0

So there you have it! Let me know in the comments below of any other drugstore gems that you can’t be without and which high end products have just been total duds!

Thanks for stopping by.

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