Urban Decay De-Slick Primer…The Review

Name: Julie ‘No Name’ Hynds

Age: Clinging on to my twenties

Skin Type: Oil slick!

I’m told oily skin ages better. That’s good, if people are being truthful. I’m also told I’ll never have laughter lines around my eyes because I don’t smile enough. I’m ok with that also. Anyway, my oily skin is a pain in mon derriere. My nose just seems to produce oil 24/7 and I consider it a good make up day if I haven’t had to powder and/or blot by midday. My chin isn’t quite so bad but it ain’t too far behind. My forehead…more than manageable. My cheeks, well, they’re pudgey, but also normal.

This variation means foundations can be a bit of a nightmare for me. Something totally mattifying is great for my nose and chin but looks flakey and dry on my cheeks. Something with a little more luminosity makes my nose look like a light source and breaks down on my chin in no time. What’s a girl to do?

My skincare is in order, I know my skin and what works, so I look to primers, powders and setting sprays to try and hold the oils at bay for as long as possible. I’m constantly looking for the next best thing, never 100% happy and always searching for that holy grail product that will solve all my make up pickles.

When I saw Urban Decay had come out with a De-Slick Primer I thought it would compliment my beloved De-Slick Setting Spray most beautifully.

I had some vouchers to spend (which I felt excused me from the fact I said I was not going to purchase make up over the summer), so I thought…why not?! Give it a go! This could be it!

Naturally, I questioned the MUA at my local Urban Decay counter on the purpose and effectiveness of said item and was given advice on how to apply it…

  1. “Pat, don’t rub.” she said.
  2. “Only apply to your oiliest areas.”

“Thank you kindly” I replied, adding, in haste, “Give me a Primer Potion and the Naked 3 palette and take me to the till before I buy anything else.” I literally had to put the blinkers on. Bad Julie!

This yoke costs £23. Price point is high but that number of pennies gets you 28ml, pretty snazzy packaging, including a pump and promises the world.

I have now used this with six foundations (Double WearTeint Idole Ultra X2, SuperbalancedAmazonian ClayStudio Fix Fluid and HD Perfect Coverup X2) and on 8 different occasions. Here’s the low down…

According to UD versus Reality

(Quotes taken from http://www.urbandecay.co.uk/en_GB/what-s-new/new-arrivals/de-slick/ud807.html)

  • “Have your make up stay put.”

Wrong.  My “One Heck of a Blot” does a better job, and it’s cheaper, £12 cheaper. I focused my application on my nose, making sure I get it into the crease, and I pat. I make sure I pat. I never swipe, buff or rub. I pat. I was told to pat, therefore I pat. I pat a small amount, as per UD’s suggestions. I apply it correctly but my base breaks down faster…that’s FASTER with this underneath.

  •  “This lightweight, oil-absorbing primer not only controls shine, but also helps makeup be easier to apply.”

Firstly, not sure this statement is grammatically correct. Secondly, wrong again! Ok, it’s lightweight-ish, I’ll give it that. Upon initial application you’re fooled into thinking that it’s doing the trick.

You can literally see the instant, mattifying effect with your wee beady eyes as you pat. You must pat. You have to pat. It, oddly for an oily gal like myself, feels drying and, if not applied carefully,, can look a bit…flakey. Eww!

Circled area nicely mattified but feels like it has a thin layer of Kleenex on it. The area where untouched skin and blended out primer meet…dry, flakey, icky. My photography skills may not demonstrate this clearly but take my word for it.

Then…BAM…an hour later…oil slick, all over again. Easier to apply? Ha! You’ll find your foundation clings to areas where you’ve strategically placed this gunk and therefore looks patchy. That’s the effect I’m looking for from an 30 odd pounds Lancome foundation, sure. Not!

  • UD also claims this will minimise the appearance of pores.

Now, I would say I am pore abundant. I envy the smooth skinned, poreless YouTubers of the world…how the heck do they do it? Therefore, pore minimizing, blurring, air brushing effects are high on my list of requirements. This surely does give the aforementioned illusion, for a short time. Then your foundation breaks down and the primer continues to cling to and clog up your pores. What you’re left with is akin to the look of milia or a chalky dot to dot situation. Is this the look I’m after? Eh…no!

  • UD make some fairly hefty claims in terms of statistics from a research group…100% of participants had a reduction in shine. 100% had a reduction in pore visibility. 100% had smoother-looking skin. 100% had more even-toned skin.

This was based on a “clinical study” from a pool of 30. Thirty people?! Really?! Did 100% of this vast number notice a significant reduction in the production of oil over an extended period of time? Did 100% find their foundation actually lasted longer? This is the stuff I want to know! 

This is, without doubt, the worst primer I have ever used. Whilst the formula is lightweight in texture I can feel it sitting on my skin when applied. Adding foundation on top makes it feel heavy. I don’t want to feel like I have as much make up on as I inevitably do. Oh, and that snazzy packaging I mentioned? The pump sucks and takes a whole lot of pumping on its first use to squirt any product out. Im seriously talking a good ninety seconds here. I had such high hopes for this and I’m all the more disappointed that it has been a BIG FAT FAIL!!!

Best keep blotting!

Got any suggestions for oily skinned gals? Any tips, tricks or products that have worked for you? I’d love to have your recommendations in the comments and I’ll love you forever if you helped me find “The Holy Grail”!!

J x

Current Thoughts

  • £23?!? Ragin’!
  • Guilt Trip 🍩

One thought on “Urban Decay De-Slick Primer…The Review

  1. aweeblog17 says:


    Having spent a fairly hefty sum on this and having had a chat with my Mum about her oily skin and ‘personal summers’ (sorry Mum!), I gave this product to her to try. She loves it! It’s really helping minimise the appearance of pores on her nose and cheeks and keeps the shine at bay for a decent period for her.

    The difference??? Mum doesn’t wear make up! This primer does not like being overworked or layered with other cosmetics but I’m so glad mum was able to find it helpful!


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