HD Brows With LKS Make-Up

I have never won a thing in my life. Ever. As a former pupil of Kings Park Primary and therefore an annual participant in the Park Show (paintings, handwriting and miniature gardens, whoop whoop!) I only ever received commendeds, highly commendeds or, if I was lucky, very highly commendeds. Never a medal nor a certificate in sight. 

So when the lovely Laura contacted me on Tuesday morning to say I had won her comp for an HD Brow experience, I rudely accused her of fibbing. Turns out, she wasn’t taking the piddle! You literally cannot imagine my elation! It made my week! So, in my excitement, by Tuesday evening I had got my wee patch test and made my appointment. Didn’t appear eager at all.

I like to know what to expect from a new treatment and having only ever had my unruly brows waxed, I Googled. Consequently, I learned that I should have tried this HD Brow thing a whole heck of a long time ago. 

My brows are still fairly good. I would say I’m losing the tail ever so slightly, but I can get away with a quick sweep of a brow gel and call it a day, if I need to. The problem I have is, my brows do not want to contain themselves to their designated area and would, if left to their own evil devices, form the dreaded monobrow. Dum, dum, dum! 

I also need to use a fairly heavy duty brow gel to try and keep those bad boys tamed. The hairs themselves are long and, much like the hair upon my head, curly. This means that for all my filling and sculpting efforts there will always be those few pesky hairs that won’t frickin’ do as they’re told!

Learning that the HD Brow experience would tint, trim and shape my brows pleased me to no end! I had my appointment just yesterday and am thrilled with the results! Give me any excuse for a good chin wag with Laura, and I’m happy!

Below is a wee ‘Friday Face’ shot I’d taken for my Instagram (julie_hynds). I’m looking at this and my eyes are drawn to the unfinished brows! It’s amazing how integral each part of your make up routine becomes! You can see that whilst they’re not perfect, they’re still there and have some sort of shape to them, mostly due to the fact that I pluck them every 2-3 days.

Laura is the ultimate professional and is amazing at whatever she puts her hand to! Don’t you just hate that?! She has tackled mon visage before, dear help her, so I had complete trust in her to sort out my eyebrows. She talked me through the whole process, as well as my style options and allowed me to decide which I felt most comfortable with. 

Then, she got to work. Firstly she custom blended my tint. We’d decided on the shade already. This was, surprisingly, pleasantly cooling! I then started nattering and lost track of time, so I couldn’t comment on how long this step took. Ten minutes maybe? Laura?

Next came the waxing, to shape the brows, threading, trimming (oh Lord did they need shearing, never mind trimming!) and the plucking. It was all very comfortable and Laura was great at explaining what she was doing and why as she went through each step. 

I had never experienced threading before and so was a little uncertain as to what to expect. I had no need to worry…very comfortable and, bonus jonus, gets hold of those tiny wee baby fluff hairs that waxing can’t grip. A wee pluck or two caught any wee brutes that had been missed. All this precision ultimately resulted in an entirely clean and trim brow area. Laura had her work cut out with mine!

Now, if you’ve ever had your brows waxed and shaped before, you’ll know you’re always left with a lovely, makeup-less, red halo around said area that you’re not supposed to apply make up to and, in all honesty, doesn’t allow make up to adhere to all that well anyway, for some time after! Not with this treatment! That, for me, was a major plus point. Even better than that, my brows were finished off with a swish of brow pencil and powder. Then I was handed the mirror for “The Big Reveal”!

See for yourself!

Not what you were expecting right? You, like me, most likely associated this kind of treatment with false, Instagram brows. It’s so not! It’s about making the most of this facial feautre and adding structure back to the visage. It’s amazing the difference they make! 

This was snapped about an hour after treatment and Laura informed me that the tint would appear darker for the first 24 hrs or so. We went somewhere in between the most natural style and the next step up. The fullest style was a little blocky for me and I don’t think it would have suited my face shape. I think this was a great compromise that looks defined but polished, and still natural!

The whole experience lasted around 45 minutes and the results should last between four and six weeks. Prices start from £20.

I would HIGHLY recommend giving this a try and, if you’re local, give Laura a ring. She’s the loveliest person, makes you feel so welcome, puts you at ease and keeps you in craic. So professional and, most importantly, she loves what she does! I love that!

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