I Do Solemnly Swear

At the end of June I wrote myself a little list of things I wanted to achieve and wee jobs I wanted to do over the summer months. These things ranged from small household tasks such as organising my study/make up room to launching a blog that had previously been private…for two months. I took great pride in ticking both of those tasks off my list. Very satisfying it was too.

On that list, there was one thing I didn’t want to do, and that was buy make up. Ok, that’s a lie. I want to buy make up on a daily basis and often fill a basket on Cult Beauty, look at the ยฃ650 total, decide it’s a bit excessive, then empty it, just to fulfil that pressing urge to purchase. So really, my intention with my list was to ban myself from buying any make up in July and August.

I failed… miserably

From skincare to primers, foundation to palettes and lip liners to lipsticks. I’m so weak, I know. I also know that it could have been so much worse. But still…weakling. I do not need any of these things. I hadn’t even run out of a particular product and was justifying my purchases as replacements. It’s ridicuous; my brain is too logical to ignore that fact, but my heart rules when it comes to new cosmetics! Tis sad but tis true!

However, I was on t’interweb tuther evening and stumbled across a live video from my new skin hero, Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd. She was talking about skin health, as is her passion (anyone else say that word in their head with a Spanish twang?) and how important it is to support and supplement it with nutritious foods, the right skincare and good make up.  

As such, she’s a big fan of mineral make up and whilst she appreciates liquid foundations with full coverage, she would be concerned regarding the ingredients list. Therefore, she maintains that mineral based products will, in effect, supplement your skin’s health and work with it, rather than potentially create congestion, break outs and other such nasties.

Just over a week ago, I was advised to try the mineral foundation from Nude By Nature, an Australian cosmetics company whose message is much the same. Just this evening (3/7/17) I was on the Debenhams website and had put one of these foundations into my little basket. Then I caught myself on.

“Julie, this may well be a wonderful foundation but you already own two mineral foundations.” I scolded. 

“You have both the matte and original formulas from Bare Minerals. You hardly ever use them. You don’t need another one.”

Pat on the back for me. Once in a blue moon, if I’m lucky, does that happen. If it’s a product that has been recommended to me by someone whose opinion I not only trust, but respect, it’s unheard of. You know who you be! You’re a bad influence! (**Jokes!**)

It got me thinking though. I have drawers full of products that I love but forget about because I keep buying more of the same kind of thing. Also, the summer isn’t over yet girls. If you live in Northern Ireland, the weather so far this month may cause you to question that statement. Please see the photos below…

Sky when I left the house to take Oscar for a walk.

Sky when we got to the park, five minutes later.

Anyway, I figured I could amend my original statement from not buying make up over the summer to not buying make up this month. Therefore, and without any further ado…

I do solemnly swear…

  1. That I will not part with a penny in order to purchase any make up items for the month of August.
  2. I will rediscover old loves and appreciate them for their beautious-ness.
  3. I will, whenever possible, wear mineral foundation. 

Now, there’s quite a high likelihood that numero three will not happen, as a self confessed addict to full coverage foundation, but it would be interesting to see if my Bare Minerals did, in fact, make any difference to the overall health of my skin. We shall see!

I feel the need to publish this new pledge publicly, so that I may be held accountable. Most likely by my mother, if she reads this. 

J x 

Current Thoughts

  1. Why is Oscar a wee gorbe all of a sudden?
  2. I hate making lunches.
  3. Morphe.

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