Quick Critique: Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick

I didn’t own any products from Kiko and hadn’t stepped foot inside the store in Belfast until very recently. I’m still testing the other products I purchased but this one, I wanted to report back on now.

I love shadow sticks. They’re quick and easy, provide a great base for other shadows but are equally wonderful on their own. 

Except this one. 

I got shade 25, a pale, frosty tone that I thought would be great under lighter shadows to make them pop. 

It’s not.

Formula– swatches just fine on the back of the hand but changes to a dry, powder consistency on the lid. This means it doesn’t layer well and you can’t build up the product to improve colour pay off.

Wear Time– this claims to have 8 hour wear. It doesn’t. It fades and almost dissipates completely after a couple. Don’t rely on this for an event. It will let you down. 

Pigment– barely shows on my lid. My natural lid colour is quite dark (think tea stained) so it should stand out. There’s something there, but not much. This is supposed to be a light taupe but that doesn’t translate onto the eye.

Verdict– it’s cheap, (usually £6.90, currently  £4.80) but it sucks. Don’t bother. 

I might try a couple of darker or brighter tones to check if I just chose badly, but this is going in the bad bin!

J x

Current Thoughts

  • Hate when products don’t work out. 
  • I should have an actual bad bin.
  • Thunder. 

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