Cancer Research

I don’t think there’s a family left on the planet that hasn’t been touched or affected by cancer in some shape or form. Ours is no different. 

We’re told that scientists are edging, ever closer, to finding a cure. I’m normally a cynical soul and would dismiss such sentiments as cheer mongering but, in this case, I take a different stance. If these people truly are edging towards a cure then I want to be optimistic and try to bring that day a little closer.

Sadly, organisations such as Cancer Research have limited funds, so it’s up to us to do what we can to support them in their potentially life saving efforts. I firmly believe that some day, cancer won’t be such a scary, fear ridden word. It will be manageable. It will be treatable. It will be beatable. 100% of the time. 

We owe this positivity to those whose lives have been or will be tainted, destroyed or taken by this terrible disease. 

We all have a part to play.

As such, my brother in law, who has his own story to tell, is participating in ‘The Lap the Lough’ on 27th August. This is an event that will require him to cycle around Lough Neagh, here in Northern Ireland, totalling a distance of around 100 miles. 

He’s not wise! However, his insanity is for a good cause as he is trying to raise funds for Cancer Research. 

I know he and so many others, myself included, would be so appreciative if you could make a donation through his Just Giving page, which I’ll link below. Every penny counts. 

Sometimes I think people feel that their donation wouldn’t be enough to make a difference. They talk themselves out of it. Please don’t feel that way. If everyone who thought that donated whatever they could afford, no matter the amount, the final total would be an amazing one!!! 

Donating via Just Giving is completely safe and couldn’t be  easier. Just click the link and go from there! 

Thank you so much!
J x 

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