You Shouldn’t Wear Make Up

It seems to me that there are three​ attitudes to make up…

  1. Obsessed, love it, own everything, can’t live without it. (That’s me)
  2. Like it, own some but can do without it.
  3. Couldn’t care less, never wear it.

No matter what your view, there’s a general consensus, from the majority, that you should just do you. Make up washes off, it doesn’t do any harm and there are no rules. Wear it, don’t wear it, do whatever you like.

I say that, but then there is secret group number four who think that make up is a negative thing and many of this clan like to voice their opinions on a regular basis. I have heard all of the following either in the past or relatively recently…

You’re not letting your skin breathe, that’s why it’s so bad.

Ok, maybe my skin would appreciate going nude but I take care of mon visage. Skin care is important, I’m well aware of that, as a former sufferer of cystic acne. I would hazard a guess that my complexion is better cared for than many of the naysayers. I have also been informed that my skin is pretty good, thank  a you very  much! You don’t even know how much it means to me to hear that! Also if I felt a product broke me out or caused a reaction, do you really think I don’t have the gumption not to use it again? Please!

You’re hiding behind all that make up. It’s like a mask.

And?! What’s your point? Some days I want to cover the freckles and on others I’m quite happy to let them show. It depends on my mood. I’m not hiding, I’m doing whatever the heck I like! In days gone by my make up was very much a mask and it gave me an ounce of confidence with my dot to dot skin. Now, it still boosts my confidence but I’m not wearing it 4 inches thick. Come on now!

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, not the outside.

I don’t know this? Are you trying to suggest that my love of cosmetics is affecting my soul in some disastrous manner? Am I incapable of being a good, kind, caring, honest, loyal, hardworking person because I enjoy a foundation and a lipstick? Has my heart been blackened because I ordered yet another mascara? Slide on!

You spend too much money on products.

Firstly, it’s nobody’s business what I spend my money on. Secondly, I don’t really drink, I don’t “go out”, I don’t have lots of hobbies…this is my hobby! If I want to buy a foundation at £30, a palette at £45 and a cleanser that costs the same as date night, that’s my call! Until Russell or Oscar feel they aren’t being fed or are feeling neglected because of my addiction, I’ll keep at it, thanks. Don’t you worry about it mate!

You’re sending out a negative message.

What message would that be? That I do what I want to make myself feel good? To add to my happiness? Oh, how awful!

It’s such a waste of your time.

Well, somehow I still manage to work, keep a house and have a life. If you’d rather have an extra half hour in bed and go about with a naked face then go for it! You do you! I don’t sleep anyway so I may as well get up and paint my face.

You shouldn’t wear make up to impress boys.

I have never done a solitary thing that has ever impressed a boy. Lord only knows how I am married. Russell doesn’t care whether I wear make up or not. I do it for me girlfriend, no one else!

Cosmetic companies prey on your insecurities and make you feel bad about yourself. All the photos are retouched.

I’m a big girl, I can take it and really? The photos are retouched? I didn’t know that?! I feel so betrayed! I’ve been striving for perfect skin and chiselled cheekbones, never knowing it was all a ruse! **Rolls eyes.**

What other pearls of wisdom have you been offered from the Cosmetic Crushing Clan (CCC)? Give us all a laugh!

J x

Current Thoughts

  • If you can’t say anything nice…
  • Isn’t it ironic that the CCC would spit feathers if I had a go at them for not wearing make up? Except, I don’t care who wears make up and who doesn’t!
  • Guess what? 🍩

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