Ten Items on my Wish List

We’re all well aware that cosmetic and skin care brands are constantly trying to catch our attention and take our dosh with fancy advertising campaigns, celebrity endorsements and snazzy editorial shoots. 

The easily swayed among us, myself included, find it challenging to resist. A habit that I’ve got myself into is heading on to Cult Beauty, Feel Unique and the likes, filling a basket with everything I’m intrigued by, shocking myself with the total and then clearing it. Sad, yes, but it quenches my make up thirst for a little while.  Then there are products that find themselves on my wish list which is either passed on to my long suffering husband as birthday and Christmas pressie suggestions, complete with links and prices, or are the items that manage to stay in my online basket and lead to eventual purchase. 

Here’s a selection of ten items from my rather lengthy list. Just look how pretty!

1. Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette £39

I don’t know what it is about this wee quad that keeps calling me back. I do love the simplicity of Charlotte’s system. Each quad has a prime shade, in this case the champagne tone, which is swept over the free lid and blended above the crease to give a base to your look and make other shadows easier to blend. The enhance shade, the bronzey brown, is for the crease and to define the outer v. The pop shade, the shimmery golden bronze, is to add dimension and light to the eye and can be popped into the centre of the lid or swept all over for a glamorous look. Finally the smoke shade, the darkest colour in the palette, adds the smoke and depth. Each palette is set up in the same way. Simple but sophisticated. I love it!

UPDATE- Since writing this and scheduling it for publishing, I NOW OWN THIS BEAUTIOUS THING! BEST HUSBAND EVER! ❤️

2. Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick in Miranda May £24This is so out of my comfort zone. I’m usually a strictly nude, nudey pink toned type of gal but this is just gorge! It’s not red, it’s not coral, it’s somewhere in between. Bright but not too bright, matte but not drying, or so I’m told! 

3. Urban Decay The Velvetizer £24

This yolk intrigues me. It calls my name! Ok, so I couldn’t physically touch the pot with my bare hand (the texture of velvet gives me the shivers) but this, I could put up with if it actually added coverage and mattified my existing foundation collection, as it claims. Apparently you mix a small amount into your liquid foundation and apply as normal, supposedly leaving behind a velvety, airbrushed finish, without altering the shade. If this worked, my foundation game would kick up a gear and some items from the bad bin may reappear! 

4. NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette £55

I don’t own any products from NARS. I’ve had my eye on their Sheer Glow foundation for a wee while now but this…well just look at it. Isn’t it be-a-youtiful? Need I say more? Ticks all my boxes.

5. Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo £16.50

Now don’t judge…but I do not own a red lippy. I do have one red liquid lip but it’s so drying I have only ever worn it twice, but still, I do not own a red lippy. I know, I know, it’s like a crime against the make up artistry world that we hold so dear. So, I figured I should rectify this situation and start with the classic that is Miss Ruby Woo. I’m thinking winged liner, flawless base and red lips. If I’m ever brave enough to don the ruby lip, I’ll let you know!

6. By Terry Ombre Blackstar Shadow Sticks £29 each 

I have swatched these so many times in Space NK and just couldn’t bring myself to spend £29 on one shadow stick. I adore shadow sticks, crayons and creams for a few reasons. They provide an excellent base, they’re quick, they’re easy and they blend like a dream. Well these are the crème de la crème of the shadow stick world. Pigment is unreal and the texture is silky smooth. I’d be happy with any colour aside from the gold (which has a very, very yellow base) or the cobalt blue. Granted both could be stunning but I don’t think I’d get much wear out of them. 

7. YSL Luxurious Mascara for False Lash Effect £25.50

This is a favourite of the beauties that are Anna Saccone Joly and Pixiwoo. Now maybe they have fabulously thick, long lashes to begin with but any time they use this mascara in their tutorials I can’t get over how much their eyes pop. Whilst I’m not an advocate for false lashes on the daily, I have no problem whatsoever with mascara that gives said illusion and I’m betting this is the girl for the job! Plus, it’s in a gold tube!

8. Kat Von D Lock It Foundation £27

You know by now that I love matte, full coverage foundations and this one fits the bill perfectly. I’m also a sucker for pretty packaging! Anyway, the range of shades offered with this is superb and you’d be hard pushed not to find something to match your complexion to perfection. The undertone of each shade is described in the colour name too, which is a handy touch. Coverage is meant to be flawless and they claim that it holds shine at bay. I’m determined to put that to the test!

8. Farsáli Volcanic Elixir £45

This is a relative newcomer to my wishlist but it is already a firm favourite. Currently on waitlist only on the Cult Beauty website (at time of writing anyway) this claims to have anti-inflammatory properties and to regenerate the skin. I’m thinking, for my acne prone visage, it would be the perfect addition to my regime!

10. Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask £56

I’m hoping this does everything it says on the jar. Having oily skin, blackheads can be a big problem for me, no matter how clean I keep my visage. Other charcoal based products that I’ve tried, whilst they do a decent enough job, tend to feel very drying and tightening. I don’t like that, I don’t need that, I shan’t have that. This claims not to over dry the skin but still perform miracles. 

So there we have it. Any secret admirers out there, I’ve been very helpful and linked everything for ease of purchase. I will happily accept your generosity. If not, Russell dear…this is the next list!!! 😁

J x

Current Thoughts

  • YouTubers get all this stuff for free.
  • ‘Gary’- Only Fools and Horses 😂
  • Hand lettering. 

2 thoughts on “Ten Items on my Wish List

  1. thismisscooks says:

    I’ve tried that Kat Von D foundation and it’s incredibly full coverage! My advice is to make sure you go out in sunlight with whatever shade you’re trying, I found that it was particularly misleading under indoor lighting.

    Liked by 1 person

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