Seemingly Insignificant

With the popularity of the Beauty Blender and various lines of brushes- Morphe, Zoeva, Real Techniques and Sigma, to name a few, there certain tools and random items that I, personally, couldn’t do without as part of my little make up family. Such as…

1. Pencil sharpener- a good one. Not one you would have had at school to sharpen your Crayolas, a cosmetic sharpener. This will seem a bit excessive but I highly recommend the one from Charlotte Tilbury. It’s the best one I’ve ever owned. Never breaks an eye liner or a lip pencil and leaves the tip super sharp and the casing (the wooden part, whatever) completely smooth. Rubbish sharpeners have ruined many of my make up pencils or nearly caused accidents by leaving sharp little jagged edges. Get a good pencil sharpener.

2. Cotton buds- preferably cosmetic ones. These are the ones with a flat, paddle-like side and a pointed tip on the other end. The regular ones are fine but when I can, I like to get the other kind. Have lots of these little guys on hand to clean up eyeliner or nail polish disasters, to neaten up a lip liner or liquid lip, flick off any misplaced mascara gloops, even blending eyeshadow in a pinch. Absolutely necessary!

3. Spoolie- you need at least one, preferably two of these in your life. One for brushing through the brows before artfully sculpting and filling them in and then after to soften any harsh, blocky lines you may have inadvertently created along the way. The second, to brush through clumpy mascara to elevate your lashes to their rightful, long, luscious, seperated state. 

4. Lip balm- with the rise of the liquid lip ever present and at the forefront of many a beauty display, our lips are suffering. These formulas are typically extremely drying to the lips making the need for a good lip balm all the more mandatory. The skin on your lips is paper thin and therefore highly susceptible to drying out super fast. You know my balm of choice is my beloved Elizabeth Arden Intensive Lip Repair Balm. Literally, the best, ever. Apply it just before going to sleep (or lying in the dark overthinking, as I do) and I swear to you, your lips still feel ‘balmy’ the next morning.

I  do keep, for emergency purposes, a wee one from Burt’s Bees in my make up bag that lives in the handbag and another from Forever Living on top of my make storage. A decent lip balm is also handy for dried cuticles and for keeping pollen from entering the nose of hayfever sufferers and causing irritation.

5. Retractable brush- I don’t use this on a daily basis but this is a great tool to have in your handbag. Load the brush up with setting powder, retract the brush head, pop the lid on and leave the setting powder at home. You can de-shine with a quick swish and you don’t have to worry about a powder compact smashing into your Michael Kors. 

6. Bar of soap- not to wash your face or even your hands but your make up brushes! I have tried so many ways of cleaning my ever expanding collection and this is, by far, the best. Ordinary bar of soap under warm running water, buff your brushes over and over the soap and rinse. It’s also the absolute best method to clean your make up sponges. Go for a white bar and when the soap suds coming from your brush or sponge are white, it’s clean!

What other ‘seemingly insignificant’ but oh so important gems could the you not do without?

Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!

J x 

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