Quick Critique: Maybelline ‘The Big Shot’ Mascara

I would venture a guess that even if you aren’t all that into your make up you wouldn’t be too opposed to making the most of your peepers. I know so many people who skip the whole foundation routine altogether, big up their lashes, slick a lippy on and look fabulous. I wish I could do that!

For a long time I shunned the drug store mascaras in favour of their more expensive counterparts that didn’t dry out my lashes or feel as though I was ripping them out when I removed my make up. 

Enter the YouTube and all the “gurus” (a term I continue to use loosely) who were ditching the Too Faced, Benefit and Smashbox for Rimmel, Maybelline and L’Oreal. I thought…why? Cheap mascaras suck. They are crispy, drying and eventually flake all over mon visage. 

For whatever reason, I was drawn to this shiny tube in Boots one day and I have to say, I’m awfully glad!

The Claims

The claims are simple but few…

Big volume from root to tip. Our colossal brush delivers collagen enriched formula from the root to tip of lashes for fully loaded volume.

(Taken from http://www.boots.co.uk)

Big volume, that’s the height of it. 

The Reality

This is flipping well amazing! You do get volume, but sometimes brands equate volume to clumps and I am not into that look. This thickens up the lashes just enough to make them stand out, but not for all the wrong reasons. It doesn’t clump and the bristle brush literally combs through the lashes better than any plastic or rubber tip I’ve ever tried. 

Defined volume, that’s what you get. Even better than that? The formula improves as the mascara starts to dry out. I love mascaras that do that!

At £7.99 from Boots, who usually have some form of 3 for 2 offer on, the price is more than comfortable.

One Downfall

The brush is colossal. I, personally, don’t mind it because I know what it can do for my lashes, but do take care to avoid the dreaded mascara blobs on the nose, undereye area or lid. Nothing as bad as perfecting your look and smearing black gook over it. 

(By the by, if such a tragedy were to occur, let it dry and then flake it off with a cotton bud or clean spoolie. You should avoid having any eyeshadow or base touch ups this way.)

The Verdict

If you are after a new mascara or are finding one dud after another, give this one a try!

Thanks for stopping by!

J x 

Also Oscar approved. This is what happens when your mascara rolls off the table and your Schnauzer thinks everything is a toy!

Current Thoughts

  • Going to have to buy a new mascara
  • Christmas
  • Autumn 
  • When can I wear boots?

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