Sometimes the inspiration for a new post comes from a suggestion or request, sometimes it’s something new that I have tried and feel it could be beneficial for you to know my thoughts.  Then there are those times that something has been on my mind and I toy with the idea of writing about it. My ‘Anxious Much?’ post being the biggest challenge so far. 

I question whether or not to make these musings public because, well, it’s usually a little more personal, maybe a little deeper than I’m used to delving, and, in all honesty, it’s a little bit scary putting those thoughts out there. 

If these “question mark” ramblings make it to your screen, I’ve had a wave of courage, or encouragement or have simply felt…Julie, this is important enough to be said. 

This is one of those posts.

A couple of Saturdays ago I attended a women’s conference at my church. It was entitled “Fresh Faith”. I took many things away from that day. Some of those things, the speaker would have intended, hoped and, no doubt, prayed, that each lady/woman/girl there would take with them. There were several thoughts that kept cropping up in my mind throughout that day. Two of those thoughts I shared with my little girls group that I take on Monday evenings. 

The third thing, well, let me explain. 

One of the words that I could not get out of my noggin was ‘SUPPORT’. This was, I’m sure, for many reasons. We, as a group of women, were there to support an event that a team of ladies, my own Mum included, had spent many hours planning and preparing for. We were there to show our support for the speakers and drink in what they had to say. Perhaps some people were there as a support for a friend who didn’t want to attend the day alone. Others may have used the day as a means of support for their faith, their lives, their journey, their current situation, to help them support others. 

It reminded me that support is an action. It’s a verb, a doing word.  It requires movement, activity and intention. 

People need support for all sorts of reasons. Perhaps they are struggling with an issue in their life and they need support and encouragement to know that it will get better and it will work out for the best. Maybe someone else has fallen on hard times and needs financial support, just to get them through the next few months with one less worry. A single parent may need support with their children, someone they can call upon when it all gets too much and they just need half an hour to breathe and build themselves up again. Another still may need the support of a friend or even, in some circumstances, a well placed acquaintance, just to sit and talk to, cry to, pour their heart out to. A new business needs support, it’s someone’s dream, their livelihood, their future. A new mum needs support to help her find her feet and, equally as much, someone desperate to be mum but can’t be needs support through sensitivity and a simple “How are you really?” kind of chat. A newcomer to the workplace needs support to settle in, to make friends and infiltrate the ‘clicks’ that formed before they got there but seem oh so difficult to crack. The list could go on.

As I sat in church that Saturday I thought to myself…there could literally be someone screaming in their mind that they need someone to support them, and we are too blind, too busy, too afraid to offer our hand, our kettle, our sofa, our money, our donation, our advice, our talents, our time…just to support them. 

We don’t offer support as freely or as often as we should. We don’t think about the impact that support, that one small act, could have on that person’s life. It could make all the difference in the world. It might be just the ticket they needed and yet, we don’t want to seem silly, odd or a bit random for saying to someone, “Come round for a cuppa. Let’s have a chat.” “I know things have been tough, what can I do to help?” You get the idea. 

Look around you. Who seems a bit down? A bit off? Who hasn’t seemed themselves? Who has lost a job? Who looks more tired and more run down every time you see them? Who keeps texting you to go for a coffee but you have been too “busy” to even reply? Who has experienced a lot of change in their life? 

Who needs you to invite them for a coffee? Who needs you to send them a “I’ve been thinking about you” text/card/letter? Who would benefit from a “I’ve been there. I know what you’re going through” chat? Who needs you to look after their children, just for an afternoon, so they can take a breath? Who needs a fun night out, to lift their spirits? Who needs you to remember that you used to be the one who helped them with everything and now, you’re hardly ever around? Who simply needs your company to fill a lonely void?

Who needs your support?

J x 

Prepare for an influx of positive and inspirational quotes…

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