It Really Works!

A while back I posted on my Instagram that I thought I had found a combination of foundations and setting powders that actually lasted on my oily skin.

I’ve always had oily skin but over the last year my hooter, in particular, has thrown all caution to the wind and just seems to produce enough grease for all of us. Consequently, my beloved Double Wear just wasn’t cutting it anymore, no matter how I applied it or set it. 

September is the month that I have been trying to use some of the make up items that I have pushed to one side, for one reason or another. This was how I stumbled across this little combo. I’ve worn this several times now and with different primers underneath and various setting sprays on top and, guess what? It still worked!!!!!

Good news should be shared, so here goes…

Mac Studio Fix Fluid (£23.50 Mac) mixed with Revlon Colorstay (£12.99 Oily/Combination formula Boots) as your base.

As I say, I came across this quite by accident. I have never mixed two foundations in my life but I wanted to make use of my Mac Studio Fix Fluid (which I don’t especially like on its own) which is a little too dark/yellow toned for my pastey face, so I mixed it with a shade that was too light and voila! A miracle was born! 

This combo gives full, matte coverage, which is my preference anyway. I have tried applying this with both the Beauty Blender and various brushes and each application method worked a treat! Go for whatever you prefer yourself. 

 Coty Airspun Extra Coverage Translucent powder to set (£14.99 Amazon)

Firstly, I adore this smell of this setting powder. It’s clean and it’s fresh and reminds me of (stay with me on this one) clean old ladies. You know those little, elderly ladies you always find with their friend wandering around Marksies, who have everything from their hair to their clothes sitting to perfection and they just smell so fresh and clean? Whether it’s their washing detergent, their soap, their perfume…I don’t know what it is, but this powder reminds me of them SO much! Just me likes that smell?!?! Does anyone know what I mean?

Moving swiftly on…pack this powder on to the whole complexion but add extra to your oiliest areas (nose and chin for me) by tipping a load into the lid, picking the powder up with a sponge and literally pressing it into the skin. All over and lots of it. This will essentially ‘bake’ the foundation into submission. 

You will look powdery and a bit ghostly but only for a short while. Go ahead and do your brows and your eye make up, then take a brush and sweep away any powder that you can still see sitting on top of the skin. Finish with your bronzer, blush, highlight etc and then spritz the face with a setting spray. Setting sprays will add another level of insurance to the longevity of your base but also removes that talc looking cast from your make up.

I bought mine from Amazon and it is a huge pot that will last an age!

That’s it! Seems a little extravagant with two foundations but you don’t need much and, really, you aren’t using each bottle up any faster than you would with single applications. This has been known to last, even on my oil slick sniffer, for 8 hours without dire need of touching up. That has never happened to me before!

If you have any must have products or mircale combinations for oily skin, help us all out in the comments!

Let me know if you try this combo and what you think of it, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for stopping by!

J x 

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