Quick Critique: Dolce Vita Palette (Take 2!)

So I spent an hour planning, writing and editing this post the other day. Then WordPress managed to delete all but a picture. Ragin’!

Anyway, here we go again…

This little quad of shadows had been on my wishlist for quite some time but I had no real intention of buying it. Enter kind and generous husband who gained major husband points when he surprised me with this in the middle of House of Fraser!

I love the concept of the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palettes. Each one comes with a prime, an enhance, a smoke and finally a ‘pop’ shade and the idea is to use just four shadows to create a few different looks that will take you from day to night with minimal effort.

When you have as many choices of eyeshadows as I do, sometimes it’s nice to have everything in one place and not having to plan a look out and dip into a few palettes to make it work. It’s done for me with this one. 

With that being said…let’s delve a little deeper…


The palette comes from a luxury brand and, thankfully, this is reflected in the quality of both the packaging and the shadows themselves. The compact has a nice weight to it and certainly doesn’t feel as though it would crack if it was knocking about in a make up bag.


The shadows provide that perfect balance in texture between buttery and firm. Smooth enough to blend seamlessly with little effort but not so soft that they kick up a lot of  dust with a quick tap of the brush. They work best with a primer, just to intensify the colour and ensure longevity. Fall out will obviously depend on how you load your brush but I’ve never had any issues. The ease of application means you can have a complete, polished look in no time. 


These shades are right up my street. Warm and wearable. I don’t mind the fact that these are all shimmer based, but it might be something you would want to consider if you’re used to using mattes only. The shades are also buildable so, initially, they may not seem the most pigmented on the eye, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It gives you more control and time to decide how intense you would like the colour to be. 


Well, here’s the decider for you. It’s £39! Do I think you have to spend that amount on an eyeshadow quad? Certainly not. It’s entirely up to you. I imagine if you want a real treat or see value in luxury cosmetic brands, the price tag won’t bother you. If you are a little more budget conscious you may want to consider the fact that from, for example, Urban Decay, you could purchase one of their Naked palettes with 12 shadows and a brush for just fifty pence more. 

I’ll let you make your own conclusions on this one!

Thanks for stopping by!

J x 

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