Prepare Yourself

If you saw my Instagram stories on Saturday evening, you’ll already know what I’m about to say. You may still be trying to come to terms with my shocking revelation. I understand if the wound is too fresh and you need to click away right now.

If you didn’t see my post, you’re most likely wondering what’s wrong. What on earth could I have possibly said to have caused such upset?

Well, here goes…

After a 14 year relationship, I have decided it’s time to part ways with Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation.

Image taken from Estée Lauder UK website.

Oh that’s hard to type!!!

I’m sorry if this comes as a shock, believe me it was a bolt out of the blue for me too, but there comes a time in every relationship that you must evaluate its effectiveness and its value and this one has come up short.

Here’s an even bolder statement…

I don’t even like it any more!!

I’ll give you a moment alone to recover. Take a breath.







You ok? Need another minute?






You might be asking why. Why would I say this? Why would I make this decision?

#1 I started using this foundation when I was 16. My skin was dreadful. My cystic acne was rife and I was so down about the whole thing I needed something to mask it. Enter my next door neighbour and oldest chum with her little bottle of gloriousness. Looking back chum, I don’t think we ever wore the same shade, but she did my make up for me and it was a revelation! Matte finish with full coverage, and along with it came a little boost of confidence. I was thrilled. So thrilled I didn’t wash it off for three days. Disgusting, but true. I saved my pennies and bought my first bottle. It cost £21.50, which back then was crazy money for a foundation. For me though, it was worth it. The relationship was good. Strong. Reliable. However, something changed. What was it again?

Oh yes, the PRICE! Today, a bottle of this foundation, with the same volume of product, in the same packaging, will set you back £33.50!!!!!! I mean, come on!!!! That is a £12.00 price hike in 14 years! I won’t lie to you, I have emailed and messaged Estée Lauder on several occasions over the years to not just complain but also to inquire as to the reason for it. Funnily enough, no response. Further infuriation. I understand that as the years pass and with inflation blah blah blah, the price of cosmetics does change, but I can’t be the only one who thinks this is unacceptable!

#2 I love a matte finish. I imagine most make up wearers with oily skin prefer a matte finish to at least attempt to keep the shine at bay. For many years, Double Wear offered the most matte and longest wearing finish I could find. However, when they kept bumping up the price and I turned thran about handing over my money, I went in search of alternatives. Have I found a new love to rival my Double Wear? Not quite on the same level, but in my quest I have discovered that there’s a much bigger world out there.

Whilst not all the foundations I have tried have been a success, there are many beauties; Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear 24hr, Clinique Superbalanced, Bare Minerals Original and Rimmel Match Perfection, to name just a handful. I now pick and choose my base each morning depending on what I need my foundation to do for me on that particular day. If I feel my pores are a little too obvious, I turn to Match Perfection. If I just want a healthy base and haven’t much on that day, I’ll use my BareMinerals. If I want something with buildable coverage, I’ll choose Clinique or Lancome. Matching my foundation to my skin needs is a much more becoming way to do my make up. Being stuck in the Double Wear rut would never allow me to do that.

Finally #3. Hubby and I were heading out for a pizza on Saturday evening past. Just a pizza, but still an excuse for me to apply a full face of make up, lashes, lippy, the lot. I hadn’t used my Double Wear in months. I was aware I only had a couple more applications left in the bottle and I didn’t want to spend the money on buying another one. However, the decision was made that date night warranted my favourite foundation. I applied it with my beauty blender, atop my perfected skin care regime, set it…something was wrong. The same foundation routine I had used hundreds of times before, felt off. Truth be told, it didn’t feel comfortable. My skin felt dry and tight, comparable to the feeling of a clay mask. I don’t ever remember that feeling. It was a little unsettling I must admit! I did a full face inspection, almost nose to nose with the mirror (admit it, we all do it) and I concluded that this was now too matte for my skin. Same skin, but different attitude to what is flattering for my complexion.

The aforementioned foundations, covering a wide variance in price, all feel more comfortable and look more flattering on my almost 30 year old visage. I was going to say they don’t last as long but then, my Double Wear didn’t hold up too well either on Saturday. It broke down on my nose, it didn’t wear evenly and I could feel every bit of it the whole time we were out. You can clearly see the shine in my photos.

Have I outgrown it? Has my attitude to make up changed? Do I now want even wear down over fully matte foundations? Maybe. All I can say is, this will be my last bottle of Estée Lauder Double Wear.

I’ll leave that with you, to sink in.

Thanks for stopping by.

J x

P.S and by the way, if you have oily skin and have any suggestions as to what my new foundation love could be, I’d be most appreciative if you would leave a comment. Preferably something without SPF, no one wants the dreaded flashback!

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