Bare Minerals BarePro Foundation: The Review

If you want a blogger who snaps up new products as soon as they are released, for testing and subsequent follow up review, I ain’t her. I can’t afford to do that. ***Some day Julie, some day.*** I like to consider my purchases carefully. Read up on them, decide if it actually appeals to me and then, maybe, buy them.

That was the deal with this one. I was intrigued by BareMinerals’ latest foundation offering but had been so underwhelmed and, quite frankly, horrified by their past attempt at a liquid foundation that I initially assumed I wouldn’t be taken with this one either. However, if something has caught my attention and manages to keep it, I like to do my research on it. Typically, this does not come in the form of reviews as, if I want to review the product myself, I don’t want to be influenced by the opinions of others. No, I will read up on the claims, I will search for pictures and if I can, try to see the product on the skin, in the case of a foundation, anyway.

Another factor that I took into consideration this time around, was something that felt light on the skin and didn’t look like I was wearing layer upon layer of product. This is a new world for me, having recently begun the shun of the Estée Lauder!

BarePro Claims

The foundation comes in 30 shades, from the palest of the pale to rich cocoa (actually the name of the deepest shade). Naturally this will cater to so many skin tones and I dare say you’d be hard pushed not to find a match. BareMinerals say this is a full coverage, naturally matte, creamy liquid foundation with “around the clock coverage.” The claim is 24hr wear here. Hmmmm.

They market the foundation as a base that cares for your skin and allows it to breathe throughout wear. For me that is the appeal of the brand in the first instance. The idea is that it covers any imperfections with a soft focus, blurring type filter but works on the appearance of your skin over time, to improve texture.

There’s also some sort of sciencey mumbo jumbo on the website about lipids in the skin and minerals in the foundation. I assume it means the mix of the two should keep the shade you are matched to as true to application colour as possible.

It’s oil free, hypoallergenic, comes with an SPF of 20 built in and is sweat, heat, water, humidity and transfer resistant.

BarePro Reality


I don’t usually take this into consideration but, having had a few foundation and concealer components lately that have proved such a hassle, I thought I would throw it in here. Your 30ml of product comes in a glass bottle and with a decent pump. Some of my foundations in glass containers don’t come with a pump, Estée Lauder Double Wear, Clinique Superbalanced…and it does affect product wastage and ease of use. If you’re a Mac fan, this pump is very similar and does the job.


I had anticipated before colour matching, that I would be given shade #6 Cashmere, the colour for fair/light skin with cool undertones. I was surprised that not only were there a few shades below this one, therefore were much paler than I, but I was actually matched to shade #10 Cool Beige.

I asked to see Cashmere for comparison and indeed, it was a touch too pale! Quite unusual for me, and the MUA did explain that this won’t oxidise as much as other foundations, and she advised sticking to #10.

For the first few wears, and seeing this is harsh artificial light, daylight and all that jazz, I felt it was too deep and started mixing it with some lightening drops from CYO. Now, however, I’ve decided it is the right shade afterall! Even though I am quite pastey, apparently there are pastier than I! Hurrah!

In terms of oxidizing, this isn’t too bad to be fair to it. Every foundation will oxidise slightly as it reacts with the oils in your skin and with the air you expose it to but, thankfully, the end result is very subtle. Tick!


The claim of being full coverage is accurate but should come with a caveat: WILL REQUIRE LAYERING. Don’t let this put you off though. Three pumps is my choice for application and it is more than enough to even out my complexion and give great coverage. This all comes without the cake face and somehow, remains looking like skin. Of course I tend to ruin any sense of a natural finish by slapping powder over the top, but still, the finish is flawless. It blends easily into the complexion, it doesn’t settle into all those pesky areas of fine lines or deep pores and applies beautifully with a brush or a beauty blender.

***Just a heads up, my new favourite way to apply my base is to pump it on to the back of my hand, spread it over the face and partially blend it with a buffing brush and then finish with the beauty blender. This means of application ensures I have even coverage but also pushes the foundation into the skin, making it appear quite natural, or as natural as a pigmented layer of gook (yes, that is the technical term) can look. I have read that some people find the product won’t buff into the skin with brush alone. I haven’t had this problem but, if you do, go the beauty blender route.**


Yes, this is matte, but it ain’t flat. A slight “dew” will appear throughout the day, but even with my oil slick hooter, it looks healthy, not greasy. It doesn’t dry down too quickly, giving you time to blend and achieve the finish you’re after but will still set in a reasonable time frame. I suggest giving the foundation time to settle into the skin before setting with powder. I find the finish to be more airbrushed that way.

With regards to working on the appearance of the skin over time, I can’t say I have noticed much difference. It’s not something I would rely on my foundation for anyway, and I am careful with my choice of skin care. I can say it certainly hasn’t had a negative impact, as some other bases have proved to have in the past.

Wear Time

As with any product, the longevity of wear will directly relate to your skin type, climate, application method and choice of finishing products. To give a bit of background, I thought the best thing to do would be to inform you of the products I use alongside the foundation and go from there…

  1. Prep skin with The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc solution, then Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel.
  2. Prime with Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot.
  3. Apply foundation, using above method.
  4. Conceal using either Stila Aqua Glow or Maybelline Eraser Eye.
  5. Set (bake) with Coty Airspun in Extra Coverage.

On occasion I would give my boat race a wee spritz of setting spray but I haven’t found that it affects wear time too much with this one.

Using these products, in this order and with “normal” weather conditions (as if that means anything in NI anymore!) I could go beyond a working day without touching up. I won’t look quite as fresh faced but the coverage is still even and my oils haven’t started to break the product down on my nose and chin. That, for me, is excellent! Double Wear used to do that for me, but this is SO much more comfortable on the skin! I’m also not worried that it’s doing any harm to mon visage, considering the brand it hails from!

Not that I’m an advocate for wearing make up during a work out (let’s face it, I’m not exactly a poster girl for frequent exercise) but I did put this to the test during a rigorous (as rigorous as I’m prepared to get) Fitsteps workout and I have to say, it looked great at the end! It wasn’t sliding down my face and I didn’t end up with any unwanted facial visitors the next day.

So who is this suitable for?

  1. If you like a liquid foundation, I see no reason why you wouldn’t like this.
  2. If you like the idea of mineral make up but can’t be arsed with the mess and ‘swirl, tap, buff’ of the powder forms of foundation, you won’t have that problem with this and should glean similar benefits.
  3. If you like a medium, buildable to full coverage foundation, this will supply your needs.
  4. If you don’t like a heavy foundation, in terms of how it feels on the skin, you should find this very comfortable.


For 30ml of product you’ll have to shell out £29. Up there, I agree, but consider this an investment, not only in a foundation, but a foundation with Bare Minerals skin benefits. You can buy it at Bare Minerals online and a host of other stockists including Boots, Debenhams and House of Fraser.

After the disaster of Bare Skin, the company’s first attempt at a liquid base, I am happy to say that all has been forgotten with the release of BarePro.

So, all in all, it’s a hit! Give it a whirl girls. Try it at your local Bare Minerals counter first, if you don’t want to commit to a full bottle upon introduction and make sure you get a proper colour match!

Thanks for stopping by!

J x

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