About Me

Instagram Answer

Wife and momma to a fur baby. Making memories, trying to take more photos and foolishly (potentially) trying to blog.

Blog Answer

Likes- chocolate, doughnuts, Dublin, dogs, make up, skin care, proper grammar, baking, shoes, khaki coloured clothing.

Dislikes- Elvis impersonators, mushrooms, poor grammar, poor spelling, ignorance, small spaces, showing my legs.

Pet hate- people speaking over me 😤

Biggest fan of- Friends and Harry Potter.

Favourite movies- Stepmom and Father of the Bride

Dream job- to own a Wedding Boutique or to be Chief Taster for Cadbury.

Most embarrassing moment- every time I ever fainted but particularly that one time I fainted in Zebedee’s chip shop in Newcastle.

Word used most to describe me- conscientious. That appeared on every school report bearing my name.

Known for- worrying, being particular, banana bread and fudge.

Biggest fear- being buried alive with a pigeon. No joke.

Word I can type but can’t say aloud- snog. (Eww!)

Guilty pleasure- singing at the top of my lungs to Celine Dion.

Bucket list (to be continued)

– New York at Christmas

– Sky dive

– See Celine Dion in concert

– Have straight teeth