Seemingly Insignificant

With the popularity of the Beauty Blender and various lines of brushes- Morphe, Zoeva, Real Techniques and Sigma, to name a few, there certain tools and random items that I, personally, couldn't do without as part of my little make up family. Such as... 1. Pencil sharpener- a good one. Not one you would have [...]

Random Acts of Kindness

In the past I have been described as 'overly sensitive'. Sometimes that trait caused petty arguments, or the famous huff but I've learned something valuable; to be sensitive towards others. I try to take note of little facial cues or if someone just doesn't seem as chatty as they usually are. Sometimes I'll buy them [...]

Who is this yolk?

Julie 'No Name' Hynds, so called because my mother decided I didn't need a middle name like the rest of the family.  My husband inserts the 'No Name' portion to make me feel better. My maiden name was Campbell and after 4 and a half years of marriage I finally don't have to double check [...]