5 Do’s and Don’ts: Miscellaneous

I have had several requests to do another post for my 'Do's and Don'ts' series and I couldn't decide which "topic" to focus on! So, I have written a mixture! Hope you enjoy and find something useful! The Don'ts 👎 #1 Do NOT take everything you see on Instagram and YouTube as gospel. Don't feel [...]

It Really Works!

A while back I posted on my Instagram that I thought I had found a combination of foundations and setting powders that actually lasted on my oily skin. I've always had oily skin but over the last year my hooter, in particular, has thrown all caution to the wind and just seems to produce enough [...]

Mineral Foundation

You may remember that for the month of August, I pledged to wear only mineral foundation. I love liquid foundation that gives me full but fast coverage. I always have. However, the wonder that is Jennifer Rock (aka The Skin Nerd and creator of the Cleanse Off Mitt), is a huge advocate for mineral make [...]