Bare Minerals BarePro Foundation: The Review

If you want a blogger who snaps up new products as soon as they are released, for testing and subsequent follow up review, I ain't her. I can't afford to do that. ***Some day Julie, some day.*** I like to consider my purchases carefully. Read up on them, decide if it actually appeals to me … Continue reading Bare Minerals BarePro Foundation: The Review

5 Do’s and Don’ts: Miscellaneous

I have had several requests to do another post for my 'Do's and Don'ts' series and I couldn't decide which "topic" to focus on! So, I have written a mixture! Hope you enjoy and find something useful! The Don'ts 👎 #1 Do NOT take everything you see on Instagram and YouTube as gospel. Don't feel … Continue reading 5 Do’s and Don’ts: Miscellaneous